Clark the Shark

Clark the Shark is a fun read aloud that my son immediately requested to read again. Clark loves school, but his excitement can be a bit too much for the classroom, the cafeteria (where he eats all his friends’ lunches), and the playground where he soon doesn’t have anyone to play with. With help from his teacher, Clark learns, “There is a time and place for everything. Sometimes you stay cool.” He realizes if he makes a rhyme for each situation, like to only munch his lunch, he can remember to make appropriate choices. And there are times like recess with the new, and also big-sized student Sid the Squid, that Clark can still be rough.

This is a great book for students who struggle with talking too loud and natural rough and tumble play. It allows the teacher a gentle way to remind the student that he or she needs to “stay cool when in school.”

My cousin’s son received a “red card” on the first day of kindergarten because he was so excited he couldn’t stop talking to all the other children. I hate that he has that as a first experience in school. All of his natural enthusiasm needs to be celebrated and gently directed into appropriate channels instead of being labeled as bad or poor behavior on the first day.

The book is a great read aloud for Pre-K through 3rd grade. I have created some fun reading and writing activities specifically geared for first and second grade. The download includes a discussion guide, character analysis activities, creative writing, and opinion writing. It is available here in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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